5 Reasons to mint a Voxo

So you’re thinking of minting a Voxo NFT but haven’t pulled the trigger yet? Well, that decision should be a no-brainer. Why? Here are 5 reasons.

1. Pushing the boundaries of NFTs

Voxo: first-ever large-scale 3D-interactive NFT.

The ever-expanding CypherVerse is home to a massive collection of 3D-interactive Voxos, each designed and moulded with the utmost care.

Custom shading and glows, cinematic effects, post-processing and 3D diorama backgrounds are but a few highlights that make Voxos the sexiest things in your NFT collection. We even partnered with two composers for ambient background tracks to pull you into the CypherVerse.

Unlike most NFT projects, our founders have doxxed themselves.

The designs were led by our Creative Director Ben, who runs a small Microsoft-funded game studio from the U.K., Australia, and Hong Kong. His borderline-irrational appreciation for neon night lights ensures all voxel art feels like something out of a cyberpunk feverdream.

Our CEO and co-founder Sotiris, who’s worked on everything from carbon fiber drones to sex toys to surgical robots, is leading our team of 23 geeks and coffee-addicts to develop Voxos as the most advanced NFTs in the market.

The Voxo team spans specialist Voxel modelers, 3JS Shader Developers, Audio Composers, UV Texture Mappers, marketers, and Render Visualization experts, all collaborating to create the perfect 3D NFT.

Voxos are here to bring NFTs into the future and elevate your collecting experience.

But why all the effort?

The market is already flooded with 2D NFTs. Very few crypto-artists have made those that are both 3D and collectible.

“We’re also the first to partner with The Sandbox for Custom Avatars.”

Our Voxos’ 3D designs make them the perfect avatars to live in The Sandbox. So on top of them being collectible NFTs, you’ll actually get to play as your Voxo in The Sandbox.

We’ve also invested in an exclusive 12x12 plot of land on The SandBox, aptly called VoxoDeus Land. Just imagine for a moment being able to equip your Voxo with your favorite gears before setting off to explore the Cypherverse — that’s going to be possible in the near future.

2. A captivating sci-fi mythic backstory

Beyond all the fancy designs, Voxos have a really detailed sci-fi-mythic backstory that is not present in any other NFT.

The Origin Story: All known Voxos, 6313, existing in the CypherVerse today were created by one godly Omega who one day decided that it would be a neat idea to vanish and leave the CypherVerse in the hands of the Ascendii — a council of luminary beings who each wielded a part of the Omega’s power. The Ascendii created 4 factions (Angos, Astra, Corpo, and Verita), of which can be further classified by species (Omega, Ascendii, Exomorphs, Augs, Sapiens and Robits), leaving a total of 6313 Voxos in existence.

You’ll have a lot of fun seeing all the traits and rarity stats of your Voxo on OpenSea’s meta tags.

3. Enter the CypherVerse: a thriving community

Voxos are much more than jazzy collectibles. Owning a Voxo means you get to join a thriving community of 25,000+ active Voxo fans. Join our Discord or Twitter to get involved.

4. Minter rewards and a 250 ETH reward

After 6 months of work, we’re pleased to announce that Minter Rewards has been revamped and is set to return in Q1 of 2022.

Minter Rewards will be distributed fairly to each eligible Voxo.

We’ll be sharing more details on the new rewards mechanism as we approach launch. So far, the Minter Reward pot is already worth 37.5 ETH and growing.

People can’t get enough of Voxos. How can you blame them? We’re giving away 250 ETH in a scavenger hunt. That’s not a typo.

How does it work?

So getting yourself a Voxo is your pass for this amazing scavenger hunt. 16 Voxos across the entire CypherVerse will be randomly given “Omega Keys” — the first wallet to obtain 8 unique “Omega Key” Voxos will receive the grand prize of 135 ETH, while the remaining 115 ETH will be distributed to the runners up.

When does the Omega Key game start?
Approximately 2 weeks after all 6313 Voxos are minted. Join our Discord to stay updated.

5. There are less than 100 Voxos left

Finally, you should mint your Voxo because only 96 of them remain (at the time of writing this). Your chance to mint a Voxo is slimming by the minute. Act quick, get yours pronto.

Head to OpenSea.io to mint your very own.

In case you missed it, VoxoDeus Teamed up With Metakey for Exclusive MetaKrew Busts and Custom Backgrounds



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