Everything you need to know about Voxo NFTs

4 min readApr 16, 2021

VoxoDeus is the world’s first large-scale 3D-interactive collectible NFT. We created VoxoDeus with the idea of bringing the most value for minters, while creating something stunning and everlasting.

Every individual NFT is called a Voxo. Here’s what 1 of the 6313 Voxos looks like:

Visit our website to interact with it in 3D

You can interact with one here or on our website.

There are 6313 total Voxos, spread across different species, traits, factions, and rarity levels.

This is the next generation of experiencing and interacting with NFTs.

We love NFTs, and we want to take them to the next level — on all fronts. Design, interactivity, and utility.

2D NFTs have been executed beautifully already, but not many crypto-artists are addressing the 3D-NFT space, especially when it comes to collectibles.

To bring this project to life, we’ve worked hard to create a custom 3JS frame that lets you view your Voxo from any angle. Why does that matter?

Your NFTs both look and sound awesome. Creating this custom 3JS viewer allowed us to incorporate custom shading, lighting/glows, cinematic effects, and plenty of post-processing to really make things pop. We even partnered with two composers who produced and embedded ambient background tracks to really immerse you in the experience.

You can view your Voxos from any angle, zoom in/out, enable custom 3D diorama backgrounds, and so much more. In the future, we’re planning on even more customizability: tweaking lighting, changing backgrounds, and potentially adding new audio, just to name a few features.

“We even partnered with two composers who produced and embedded ambient background tracks to really immerse you in the experience.”


Taking the design of our NFTs to the next level was just the first step. Our primary objective of creating VoxoDeus was to add as much value to the NFT community as possible.

Bringing NFT interoperability to The Sandbox together with VoxoDeus.

We’re parting with The Sandbox to integrate our 6313 unique characters into their metaverse. We’ll start by allowing Voxo owners to use one of 32 custom avatars that link back to archetype, and it will also be available in one of the 4 corresponding faction colors.

We also have a massive 12x12 piece of LAND and will allow all VoxoDeus owners can bring their characters into The Sandbox. In the future, we’ll be building out the VoxoDeus Land — imagine equipping your Voxo with your favorite weapons and equipment before setting out on an adventure into the Cypherverse.

We’ve also taken it one step further. We introduced a scavenger hunt with a 250 ETH Omega Key Game.

On 22 February 2022, Sapiens and Robits will start to be randomly assign “Omega Keys”. The first wallet to have owned 8 unique Omega key characters (at any point) will be eligible for the 135 ETH reward and the rest will be split amougst the runners up.

You can learn all about our 250 ETH reward in our recent medium post.

The CypherVerse

Besides looking visually stunning, our Voxos have a rich scifi-mythic backstory. Here’s a taste of it:

Eons ago, the Omega programmed the Cypherverse into being. A swirling sea of hypercubes born from a neural nebula and pulsing with potential for life. To guide it, the Omega created the Ascendii, a council of 8 luminary beings imbued with different aspects of the Omega’s power. Under their collective guidance, society flourished across the Cypherverse.

Then, the Omega vanished.

In their absence, the Ascendii became uncertain about how to use the Cypherverse’s most precious resource, NRG (Neural Radiance Gas). Society split into 4 factions: Angos, Astra, Corpo, and Verita — and though their ideals differ, each wishes to unite the Cypherverse under one collective protocol.

You can read more about the different species, traits, features and factions on our Website.


We can’t believe this team has grown to 23 people (at the time of writing this post), who are working tirelessly to take NFTs to the next level. The team includes world-class designers, creative writers, web developers, blockchain wizards, and marketers (writing this post).

“We can’t believe this team has grown to 23 people”

We also have an amazing supporting team of 6 specialist Voxel Modellers, a 3JS Shader Developer, 2 Audio Composers, 4 UV Texture Mappers, and 2 Render Visualization experts.

Got any questions?

Join our Discord or Tweet at us and let us know!

Our presale campaign ends on May 10, 2021! Get your Voxo now!




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