Minting v.s. Holding: What’s the difference?

Whether you’re just getting familiar with Voxo NFTs or have already collected a few, it’s useful to know the different benefits of minting versus holding a Voxo to see which is most important for you. We’re here to help you make the most out of your collecting experience.

So first thing’s first, let’s get our definitions straight.

Minting is purchasing a Voxo on OpenSea. To mint, you must buy a Voxo directly on OpenSea and not from a third-party or an individual.

Holding is when you keep your Voxo in your wallet—the Voxo is entirely in your possession and you’re not selling, giving it away or trading it.

So why mint when you can just buy a Voxo directly from someone?

Minter Rewards lets you receive up to 6% of all secondary sale commissions of ETH. The rewards come from a growing pot of 37.5 ETH—one of VoxoDeus’ many efforts to give back to the community.

You can learn more about how to receive minter rewards on our blog.

Minters can also enjoy bonuses like the “Evolution Catalyst” of CypherKin that you can use to level up your CypherKin. Other minter-only perks and bonuses are always rolling out and you’ll make sure you don’t miss out on any if you mint.

There’s nothing more exciting than unboxing your Voxo. Yes… If you buy a Voxo from an individual, you’ll know exactly what you’re getting and you have more control over what to expect, but where’s the fun in that?

There’s now less than 150 Voxos left, which means you still have a chance to feel the thrill of potentially scoring an ultra rare Voxo. Also a ~1/50 chance of getting one of the few remaining Exos!

The Omega KeyGame is just about to begin. We’ll be giving away a total of 250ETH (yes, you read that right) in a large-scale scavenger hunt. How does it work?

16 Voxos across the entire CypherVerse will be randomly given “Omega Keys” — the first wallet to obtain 8 unique “Omega Key” Voxos will receive the grand prize of 135 ETH, while the remaining 115 ETH will be given to the runners up. To participate, you must mint a Voxo.

Okay, I get all this, but why should I hold a Voxo?

Your Voxo is one-of-a-kind and there will only ever be 6313. Believe us when we say watching demand for this limited supply is just as pleasant as reading into its rarity level, or admiring all its bells and whistles. Now imagine keeping your eye on multiple Voxos at the same time. Amassing a collection of Voxos gives you more flexibility to buy and sell when best for you!

Just as VoxoDeus rewards minters, there will also be rewards for holders. Exactly what rewards holders can enjoy will be detailed in the near future when Holder Rewards officially rolls out.

On top of this, VoxoDeus will periodically host giveaways exclusive to Voxo holders, like the exclusive MetaKrew Busts and custom backgrounds we gave to holders in collaboration with Metakey and our new collection of CypherTakes where we pay homage to a number of different projects.

The Voxo Club is an exclusive membership that gives you access to special giveaways, exclusive early updates, hidden discord channels, rare promotional items and more.

You won’t want to step out once you’re in. It’s that good.

In case you missed it, here are 5 Reasons You Should Mint a Voxo.



The group behind VoxoDeus — The first Interactive 3D NFT collectibles from the Cypherverse. :: Voxelated. Techno-utopic. Pretty good design.

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The group behind VoxoDeus — The first Interactive 3D NFT collectibles from the Cypherverse. :: Voxelated. Techno-utopic. Pretty good design.