VoxoDeus Announcements

4 June 2021

// Bulk-Minting Giveaways on 0.9ETH Voxos:

@everyone we’re really excited as we’ve been talking to several large players within the NFT space and we’ve decided to create rewards for the bulk-minting of Voxos: free Voxos! We feel at this current pricing and frequency of minting, it’s something that will really help propel the project and bring more folks onboard. These large account holders bring a level of validation and momentum to a project that they take a potentially large position in. Often their followers and other large players also take note when they join. Increased minting obviously benefits the team but more importantly it gives us more resources to develop new bigger and better things for the community, helping ensure the longevity of the Cypherverse brand. (If you’ve not yet listened to the podcast from GaryVee we highly recommend it and you can check it out in #voxonews )

So the more Voxos you mint at 0.9 ETH, the more free Voxos you get. We will also be counting any Voxos previously minted for 0.9ETH towards the bulk-minting giveaways. The table above the full breakdown.

// 0.9 ETH limited edition backgrounds remaining:

Also we wanted to announce that only 68 Voxos have been minted for 0.9 eth, meaning that there are still 32 limited edition backgrounds up for grabs!

This is because when issuing promotional Voxos that can be claimed for 0ETH they still need to be added sequentially to the minter log, so for the 1/100 custom environments it isn’t just indicated by Voxo #. We will be using the same method for the bulk-minting promotional Voxos also, and once the thresholds are reached, the giveaway Voxos become eligible to claim. We will be posting the Google Form for claiming tomorrow.

// Bonsais, bonsais, bonsais:

Also we’re so excited to see how well the ZENFT promotion went yesterday, we’ve been blown away by the love for their Bonsai and ours!! We didn’t expect it would sell out so quickly, and we’ve had a few people asking if they can qualify for the deluxe bonsai if they buy a ZENFT on secondary. We think this is really reasonable given they sold out in less than 1hr, and we want to give more people a chance to enjoy this beautiful collaboration between VoxoDeus and ZENFT! We’ll also post the Google Form for this tomorrow.


8 May 2021

  1. THE BIG REVEAL you’ve all been waiting for | All 6,313 Voxos will be revealed on May 10, at 3 PM UTC. (We previously mentioned 00:00 UTC in an AMA however that was a mistake, bad Sotiris.)
  2. Promotional add-ons | We will be distributing all promotional add-ons/giveaways on May 30. This includes the ‘420’ (April 20) items, animal companions, VoxoCubes, and custom backgrounds. However, you’ll be pleased to know that as of May 10, you will be able to see your add-ons listed as character traits on OpenSea.
  3. Minted items randomization | We will be revealing how we randomize the distribution of initial minted Voxos on May 10th, as well as how we randomize the distribution for subsequent sales. It’s our top priority throughout to ensure this remains as fair and as transparent as possible.
  4. Minted items distribution | From May 10 onwards, we will be revealing the Voxos once every 24 hours, repeating the same randomization process each time. While our initial randomizer was automated and sophisticated; given the recent scandals involving unfair distributions, we have opted for a simpler, more manual, and most importantly, more transparent process that is auditable by anyone. Note only presale minters will have access to their original VoxoCubes.
  5. Omega Key verification | After concerns raised by the community about not being able to externally verify which Voxos hold an Omega key, as well as internal discussion and consultation with an economist from Oxford / Cambridge, we’ve decided to make publicly available the list of NFTs that hold an Omega Key at launch. 16 Omega keys will still be randomly distributed amongst the Robits and Sapiens after the last Voxo has been minted. The team all feel that the risk of people being tricked or lied to if this isn’t publicly verifiable could massively damage the amazing trust within our community, as well as the project’s reputation, ultimately harming the longevity of the project. If the full list isn’t made publicly available, we also wouldn’t have a way to prove that the distribution of the keys is truly random until after the 500ETH reward is unlocked. The recent issues we’ve seen with other projects not distributing things fairly are all the more reason we want to design our mechanics with maximum transparency from the start. More details to follow.
  6. Omega key distribution | Once the last Voxo has been minted, the Omega keys will be randomly distributed. If a minter has held any number of Omega key at any point, all of those will count towards the 8 keys required to unlock the 500ETH.
  7. Whales & influencers | We have spoken via DM with some ‘whale accounts’ and they have asked if there are any additional promotional items available. However we want to open up the conversation within the Verified Owners channel to see how the community feels about this, as this could help increase the chances of the overall success of the project. Please note we will not give any ‘whale accounts’ a discount on pricing or GAS through bulk buys. We have also offered a custom animal to one influencer and ‘420’ items to a small number of influencers previously to help get them to share about the project, so we’re open to community feedback on how we handle future giveaways for influencers also.
  8. Giveaway winners | We have a couple of outstanding giveaway winners to announce and will be announcing these in the next 24hrs (0.3ETH giveaway on Twitter / the Discord first 500 members giveaway)



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