VoxoDeus: Exclusive faction art airdrops for the holidays

It’s gifting season, and we’re making sure all Voxo holders get a nice little surprise from the VoxoDeus team.

VoxoDeus has collaborated with Billy Roberts, Art Director of Metakey to create the first round of Faction Artwork for all Voxo holders as a gift for the holiday season.

The Faction Art is an early set of a many upcoming artworks, offering a glimpse at life around the CypherVerse’s dual star.

The limited collection imagines four panoramic scenes that offer a glimpse of the CypherVerse.

Check out all four works below:

Make Bright the Night—The Shen Tanks
The Key To Eternity — Corpo Vendrix
Empyrean Dreams — Polarion
All Aspectromatters Aligned — Luma Systemica

Hosted on Polygon (with a bridge to Ethereum), all owners of a Voxo have been airdropped a complimentary NFT of the corresponding Faction Art on 23 Dec 2021.

Those who were given the Faction Art can access the full versions on Opensea to use as display pieces and wallpapers!

Don’t forget to check your “Hidden” folder as these were airdropped and may have not landed in your main folder. To move these to your main collection, simply click on the ‘•••’ menu button and select “Unhide.”

If you were lucky enough to get multiple copies, you might be poised to gift one or a few to friends as part of the holiday spirit!



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