VoxoDeus NFTs now usable avatars within Sandbox ecosystem!

3 min readNov 15, 2022

Bring your Voxos to life within Sandbox Game Live Events — and all Future Alpha Seasons — with the launch of the VoxoDeus avatar bridge!
This next phase in the partnership between VoxoDeus and The Sandbox Game takes your VoxoDeus NFT to the next level, unlocking new interoperability within The Sandbox Game.

Following VoxoDeus’ previous Sandbox Game collections of Heirloom and Cypherine Artefacts (elite weapons) and Phase 1 avatars (NPC characters), we are excited to announce the next step tying your VoxoDeus NFTs directly to playable avatars within the Sandbox Game!

What are VoxoDeus Multiplayer Avatars?

With this new interoperability, your VoxoDeus NFT can now be used directly within all of The Sandbox Game multiplayer events and seasons. This means if you connect a wallet with a VoxoDeus NFT in it to The Sandbox Game, you will be able to play as your very own Voxo.

The Avatars match your VoxoDeus NFT, accurately representing species, rarity, faction and archetype — all the attributes that make your Voxo uniquely yours.

We can’t wait to see you exploring new worlds and showing off your Voxo for the whole Sandbox to see!

Now I’m excited, how can I get my Avatar?

This is the simple part, you just need to own a VoxoDeus NFT! If you own one of the 6,312 Voxos, you now have access to one of the coolest playable avatars in The Sandbox Game. Simply connect the wallet with your Voxo in it to The Sandbox Game, join a multiplayer event, and select your avatar to play as.

I’ve got my Avatar, now what?

It’s time to use your VoxoDeus Avatar in The Sandbox Game!
Keep an eye out for future Live Events and the upcoming seasons. These multiplayer events will be a great chance to play and show off your VoxoDeus Avatars!

What’s next for VoxoDeus and The Sandbox Game?

Now that our Sci-Fi Mythic Game Jam, Heirloom Artefacts, Cypherine Artefacts & Phase 1 Avatars have been released, we’re sure you are wondering what’s next. We continue to work with the Sandbox Team to make these playable avatars 1:1 uniquely matched to each Voxo. Right now, they will match in species, faction, and archetype. In the future, it will match even down to the gear and unique add-ons!

Additionally, our creative team continues to work on a VoxoDeus experience on our Sandbox Land and we look forward to welcoming our community there as soon as possible.

Make sure you follow us on Twitter @VoxoDeus and join our Discord to stay up to date on all the latest breaking news from The Cypherverse.




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