VoxoDeus releases Sandbox Game official NPC Avatar Assets!

3 min readJun 13, 2022

Bring your Voxos to life with the NEXT PHASE in the continued collaboration between VoxoDeus and The Sandbox Game.

Following our highly regarded Heirloom and Cypherine Artefacts launch, VoxoDeus is releasing the first NPC Sandbox Assets tied directly to your own VoxoDeus NFTs!

What are Phase 1 VoxoDeus Avatars?

The Phase 1 Avatars are official Sandbox Game assets, ready to use on your Sandbox Lands and in the Sandbox Game Maker. These assets are “always on”, meaning they can be used in your lands and builds 24/7 with no limitations.

The Avatars match your VoxoDeus NFT, accurately representing species, rarity, faction and archetype — all the attributes that make your Voxo uniquely yours.

Additionally, these VoxoDeus Avatar assets can be used as Non-Player Characters (NPCs), unlocking endless possibilities for use within Sandbox Game Maker. Fight alongside a vengeful Street Samurai, help a Rig Pirate steal back their treasure, or solve a Moongazers riddles and gain access to ancient secrets.

Tell your own stories, create your own adventures!

Now I’m excited, how can I get my Avatar?

Each VoxoDeus NFT has a matching Sandbox Game Avatar asset! This means that if you own a Voxo right now, you can go claim your Avatar on our Claim Page.

Don’t have a VoxoDeus NFT? Not to worry!

Make sure to check our Unclaimed Avatars page to find all of the Voxos that have not yet claimed their official Sandbox Asset to then buy on the secondary market!

Alternatively, you can find these in the Sandbox Marketplace or within The Sandbox Asset Collection on OpenSea.

I’ve got my Avatar, now what?

It’s time to use your VoxoDeus Phase 1 Avatar in The Sandbox Game! Once your Asset is in your wallet and you have connected your wallet, add these to your inventory and you’re ready to go. After you’ve done this, the possibilities are endless!

As NPCs, you can have your Voxo Avatar be any character in the world that you create. Once you’ve utilized them in your own creative way, make sure you share what you’ve made on Twitter and tag @VoxoDeus!

We also have some more fun things coming up for using these characters in The Sandbox Game as well… stay tuned!

What’s next for VoxoDeus and The Sandbox Game?

Now that our Sci-Fi Mythic Game Jam is going live Monday 13th June, Heirloom Artefacts, Cypherine Artefacts, & Phase 1 Avatars have been released, we’re sure you are wondering what’s next.

Well, in typical VoxoDeus fashion we have plenty in the pipeline to continue building on this incredible partnership. We are actively working on the bridge between VoxoDeus and The Sandbox to make your VoxoDeus NFTs playable as Sandbox Game avatars in multiplayer.

Additionally, our creative team continues to build out our 12x12 plot of Sandbox Land and we look forward to welcoming our community there as soon as possible.

Of course, we’re not going to tell you everything we have going on… Make sure you follow us on Twitter @VoxoDeus and join our Discord to stay up to date on all the latest breaking news from The Cypherverse!




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