Whisper life into your Voxo with MirrorWorld’s Soul Chip NFT

3 min readMar 15, 2022

With Soul NFT, you can ask your Voxos anything from the meaning of life to their favorite ice cream flavor.

Mirror World — the blockchain-based virtual world of interconnected games and experiences has rolled out its very-own NFT. But not just any NFT — Soul NFT, a chip that makes NFTs dynamic and interactive so you can have conversations with your own.

Yes, that means your Voxo can now have a Soul.

You’ll be able to ask them how their day went, what they think about the meaning of life, what their favorite species are, or whether they have plans to one day take over planet Earth.

All of this is powered by Mirror World’s original dialogue chip bridging A.I. and crypto, “two components that are pivotal to constructing a real Metaverse, taking us from web 2.0 to 3.0,” says Mirror World. “It leads the way to our construction of multiple worlds where assets can be used across different games.”

Voxo holders will now be able to mint Mirror World’s Soul NFTs for free.

Bind a Soul NFT with your Voxo on Mirror World-Soul Link to bring them to life. You’ll be able to talk to your Voxo in either English or Chinese.

Note that the language you select cannot be modified afterwards.

There are 6 levels of dialogue in Soul NFTs and you’ll be able to have conversations about pretty much anything, except Voxo lore. Sorry, no Voxo can tell you the whereabouts on the Omega.

Luckily, a Soul doesn’t need to be bound to your Voxo forever. You have the option of unbinding the Soul from your Voxo and binding it to a different Voxo, or other partnered NFTs of Mirror World.

For details on how to claim a Soul for your Voxo, check out this simplified guide.

Mirror World’s mission to take NFTs to the next level is in sync with that of VoxoDeus’, making for a special collaboration that nods to a shared respect for innovation.

VoxoDeus and Mirror World’s partnership begins as of March 18, 3pm UTC.

About Mirror World

Mirror World aims to establish a virtual platform where users can “move through different game scenarios with interconnected & independent economic systems.”

The platform believes in the future of the Metaverse and as such wants players to co-exist with virtual A.I. who can participate in social, gaming, and other activities. Mirror World will also offer a Marketplace where players can freely exchange and trade their goods, cultivating an independent and complete economic system.

Furthermore, players may use NFTs of various equipment and props across different games.

You’ll be able to chat with your Voxo and give it a ‘Soul’ from 3PM UTC March 18th, 2022 onwards.

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