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This is the next generation of experiencing and interacting with NFTs.

We love NFTs, and we want to take them to the next level — on all fronts. Design, interactivity, and utility.

“We’ve put in tremendous care and paid attention to every detail of our Voxos — and the rich lore behind the Cypherverse is no exception.”

Voxos are 6313 unique SciFi-mythic characters, ranging from sentient robots to immortal beings, who…

How much can I really earn from referrals?

At the time of writing this article, there are around 3000 Voxos remaining.

“The VoxoDeus Minter on OpenSea pays out 1.5% of sales price to anyone who refers another user who successfully mints a Voxo.”

How do I start referring my friends and followers?

OpenSea has made the process really easy. We’ve laid out the steps below:

  1. Go to your Account page on OpenSea
  2. Sign in with Metamask
  3. Select the “Referrals” tab.
    If you haven’t signed up for an account yet, fill in the fields and click…

The Emergence of Omega Keys

Eons ago, the Omega programmed the Cypherverse into being. A swirling sea of hypercubes born from a neural nebula and pulsing with potential for life.

The Omega


The group behind VoxoDeus — The first Interactive 3D NFT collectibles from the Cypherverse. :: Voxelated. Techno-utopic. Pretty good design.

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