Omega Key Game comes to a close

17 days, 24 Keys, 250 ETH.

A lively competition of strategy and teamwork 💯

Now let’s do a quick recap.

Leaderboard: VOXOCLUB_KEYHUNT_TEAM reigns supreme 🙌

We made it very clear from the get-go that only ONE wallet could be used to claim a reward and that everyone should be cautious when partnering with others.

We’re happy to see the Voxo community upholding the honor system, a rare sight in the digital world.

Integrity reigns supreme 🔥

Aid to Ukraine: doing our part in a time of need 🇺🇦

“[The invasion of Ukraine] has really galvanized the crypto and NFT space into action,”

Legendary, Gilded Voxos 🏆



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The group behind VoxoDeus — The first Interactive 3D NFT collectibles from the Cypherverse. :: Voxelated. Techno-utopic. Pretty good design.