250 ETH Omega Key Game coming your way

5 min readFeb 8, 2022

The VoxoDeus collection is officially minted out and the Omega Key Game is kicking off on February 22nd, 2022.

We made it!

All 6312 Voxo NFTs in the CypherVerse have been minted. To celebrate, VoxoDeus will launch the Omega Key Game — the biggest giveaway in NFT history, starting February 22nd.

What is the Omega Key Game?

For those just tuning in, that’s a fair question. At the very start of VoxoDeus, we made a promise to give away a total of 250 ETH in a large-scale strategic trading game when all 6312 Voxos have been minted.

The goal of the Omega Key Game is to be the first to collect a certain number of “Omega Keys” that will be randomly hidden in a select-few Voxos. Players who collect Omega Keys before anyone else will be given tremendous prizes in ETH.

4 Prizes: Your chance to win up to 250 ETH 🏆

There will be 4 prizes in total.

Diamond: The first player to obtain 8 Omega Keys will receive the grand prize of 135 ETH.

Gold: A players who holds 6 Omega Keys will receive a second-place prize of 66 ETH.

Silver: Holding 4 Keys will award the player a third-place prize of 33 ETH.

Bronze: Obtain 3 Keys to win fourth-place, 16 ETH.

So how do you obtain a Key? 🔑

When the Omega Key Game officially kicks off, only 8 Keys will be released, and only Robits or Sapiens can hold those Keys.

Robits and Sapiens will be the only two Voxo species that will ever hold Omega Keys (see VoxoDeus’ homepage to see all the Voxo classifications).

After launch day(Feb 22nd), 1 Omega Key will be released daily until all prizes are claimed.

What’s a KeyVoxo?

The Voxos that hold Keys are aptly called KeyVoxos.

How do I make sure my KeyVoxo counts? 🔍

Once you have a KeyVoxo in your possession, you must register it for it to count.

Players can register their Keys on-chain via voxodeus.io. Once registered, the Key will be added towards the player’s count.

In case you’re wondering, a player may trade their Voxo to another player without losing their count — obtaining the same KeyVoxo twice, however, does not add another Key to your count. Furthermore, Keys that are used to claim prizes will be removed from the game and removed from any count other players have been building.

Who can participate in the Omega Key Game? 🙎

Since there are 2048 Sapiens and 4095 Robits (totalling 6143) in the entire CypherVerse (6312), it’s highly likely for holders of a Voxo to have a chance of getting a VoxoKey.

All KeyVoxos come with a Key #

While each Voxo in the CypherVerse is unique, Omega Keys are not. A Key # an “identifier” of a Key, a Key “type” if you will. Different KeyVoxos may share the same Key #. So KeyVoxos which share a Key # used to claim a reward are removed from the Game. This makes the game interesting!

Pay close attention to KeyVoxo ratings 📊

Players will have access to a Key Ownership dashboard, where each KeyVoxo is listed with a desirability rating and its history of ownership — this allows people to evaluate which KeyVoxo to pursue and whom to trade with.

The highest rating a KeyVoxo can get is 100.

For a KeyVoxo to have this rating, the Voxo must not be registered. In this case, the original owner does not keep its Key and players may acquire “pure” keys.

On the other side of the spectrum, the lowest rating is 1. This indicates that it is extremely likely that another player will soon use that Key to claim a Reward, thereby rendering it useless to other players.

Players may partner with each other to obtain Keys quicker, but ONLY a single wallet can be used to claim a reward.

A friendly reminder: DO NOT trust anyone you’re unsure about, and DO NOT give anyone your wallet’s private key or crypto.

Keep your eyes on the prize! 👀

Players and spectators alike can view a live leaderboard that tracks the state of the game as players race towards the grand prize.

How do you claim your prize?

To claim a prize, a player must both register their keys and claim their victory on the VoxoDeus website before anyone else.

Extra Bonus: KeyVoxos become legendary 🙌

Once the Omega Key Game is finished and all 4 prizes are claimed, all KeyVoxos are recast into solid Gold!

All KeyVoxos mark their legends as recipients of the Omega’s favor. Join Discord for more lore.

In case you missed it, here’s everything you need to know about Minting v.s. Holding.




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