How rare is my Voxo NFT?

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3 rarity classes. 6 species. 4 factions. 4 traits.

So you’re thinking about getting a Voxo (or just got one) and you’re wondering: “how do I know how rare my Voxo is?” We’ve written this guide to walk you through the different factors that determine how rare your Voxo really is.

Before we get into that, here’s a quick reminder of how VoxoDeus works: You can mint Voxos on our verified OpenSea page. When you mint a Voxo, you don’t know which character you’re buying. The Voxos are assigned to your NFT at random and only reveal themselves after 24 hours. This way, it’s impossible for the founders or anyone else to buy up all the rarest Voxos for themselves. For more, read Everything you need to know about Voxo NFTs.

Ok, now that’s sorted, here’s how to tell how rare your Voxo is.

Voxos are collectibles, just like first-edition trading cards or beanie babies. There’s a finite number of them (6313), and each one comes with different characteristics that make it special.

There are only 6313 Voxos, now and forever

Why 6313?

Because The Omega (who programmed the Cypherverse into being) came to the conclusion, after tomes of inscrutable calculations, that 6313 beings is the ideal population size for harmonious existence.

The 6313 Voxos are divided up into 6 Species, 4 Factions and 3 Rarities, with 4 Traits each. All these factors contribute to the rarity of each Voxo.

All Voxos are rare, but some are rarer than others.

Let’s start with The Omega: the rarest of them all

There is one and only one Omega.

The Omega

The first, the original, the rarest Voxo of all, The Omega programmed the Cypherverse into existence. Under the collective guidance of the Ascendii, a council of 8 luminary beings imbued with different aspects of The Omega’s power, society flourished.

But then, The Omega vanished.

In its absence, the Ascendii became uncertain about how to use the Cypherverse’s most precious resource: NRG (Neural Radiance Gas), and society split into 4 factions.

But the question that continues to haunt them all now that The Omega has gone is: who’s in charge?

You can interact with The Omega on our website. Zoom in/out, move around, toggle sound, and more.

Learn more about The Omega.

There are 6 Species of Voxos. Some Species are rarer than others.

The Omega populated the Cypherverse with Ascendii and Sapiens. To the former, it granted wisdom and visions of Utopia. To the latter, ambition and the means to mine the Cypherverse for NRG.

Other species have since spawned — some sporadically, some strategically — including hybrid Exomorphs, mechanoid Augs, and efficient Robits.

Visit our website to learn more and interact with different species

Get the full story on each Species.

In short: Exomorphs are rarer than Augs, which are rarer than Sapiens, which are rarer than Robits. But that isn’t the whole picture…

The 6 Species are divided into 4 Factions. Some Factions are bigger than others.

After The Omega vanished, the Cypherverse split into 4 factions, each governed by a pair of Ascendii. Though their ideals differ, each wishes to reunite the Cypherverse under one collective protocol.

Voxo-Angos — 10%

Hedonistic do-as-you-pleasers with the only free NRG market in the Cypherverse. They value anonymity and individual freedom above all else.

Voxo-Astras — 20%

Disciplined explorers who measure their worth by the contributions made to the higher purpose: to reach other worlds and be united with their vanished creator.

Voxo-Corpo — 50%

Productive powerhouses that run the treasury of the Cypherverse and labour with tunnel vision to mine more NRG, no matter what it takes.

Voxo-Verita — 20%

Ascetic meaning-seekers blessed with the gift of sight. Avid datagazers who believe that once they see true reality, they will disintegrate into pure NRG.

Get the full story on each Faction.

Rare, Super Rare, and Ultra Rare Voxos

All Voxos are rare, by virtue of there being a finite number of 6313. But, just like shiny Pokémon cards, we’ve made some special shiny Super Rare and Ultra Rare Voxos, too.

Super Rare Voxos form a secret society united under a common tenet: “the One-Zero principal”, which states that the Cypherverse must return to its original single-society state or face eventual collapse.

Super Rare Voxos are from all Factions and Species, apart from the Ascendii, from whom they hide their operations.

Ultra Rare Voxos are the leaders of that secret society.


  • Rare: 80%
  • Super Rare: 19%
  • Ultra Rare 1%

Only 1% of the 6313 Voxos are Ultra Rare. You do the math.

Scratch that, we’ll do the math for you. So, 1% of 6313 is 63. There are 63 Ultra Rare Voxos. Still, Ultra Rare Voxos (63) are not as rare as Exomorphs (32), and the shiny card to look for here would be an Ultra Rare Exomorph.

The 8 Ascendii and the one-and-only Omega sit above these Rarity levels, as the rarest of all Voxos.

So, within each Species, you get variable levels of rarity according to the Faction and Rarity of each Voxo. This allows for a wide range of prices and a wide range of budgets, so that more people can get in on the VoxoDeus action.

Every Voxo has some combination of 4 Traits that also count towards rarity.

Just like your favourite trading cards, our Voxos each have some combination of 4 Traits: intelligence, strength, heart and cool. These are distributed randomly. You’ll get to see the individual traits of your Voxos once they are revealed on May 10th, 2021.

As to which traits trump other traits, that’s entirely up to you.

How does this play out in the Cypherverse?

Most Robits score highly in strength. But a Robit with heart? That’s a rare thing indeed.

You can view your Voxo’s traits on OpenSea under Properties and Boosts once you’ve minted it:

Example of a Voxo’s Properties on Opensea
Example of a Voxo’s Boosts on Opensea

Oh and, one last thing: Keys.

The Omega forged 8 keys and periodically grants copies of them to characters in the Cypherverse. The first wallet to have owned 8 unique Omega Key characters (at any point) receives a 500ETH reward. For more, read our medium post on the 500ETH scavenger hunt.

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