Robits & Sapiens: Unlocking the 250 ETH Omega Key Game

5 min readFeb 14, 2022

Very soon, the Voxo community will be in a mass frenzy to collect Robit and Sapien Voxos.

Why? Because those species will be key to unlocking 250 ETH, and by “key” we mean it in every sense of the word.

Launching in less than two weeks will be the much-anticipated Omega Key Game, a strategic NFT trading game where Keys will be hidden in a randomly-selected Robits and Sapiens, AKA KeyVoxos.

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If you know how the game works, you might already be thinking up some clever plays to winning the prize! But for those who aren’t too familiar with the game yet, we’ll say it again — collecting Robits and Sapiens will be the only way to participate in the Omega Key Game.

Robits or Sapiens, which should I collect? 🤔

That totally depends on your preference as Keys will be randomly distributed to both species — sticking to just one species will not increase your odds of obtaining a Key.

So when deciding to get either a Robit or Sapien, it’s going to come down to taste whether you enjoy the thought of acquiring an Ultra-Rare Robit programmed with «laziness-modules» that enable silly afternoon naps, or if you like Sapiens, the only species in the entire CypherVerse that is alarmingly frail and most akin to humans.

What’s a Robit? 🤖

There are 4,095 of them. They are the hyper-intelligent machines driving efficiency in the CypherVerse. Lesser models jettison trashcubes from tourism convoys, while the most distinguished units command entire star cruisers.

Robit Archetypes:

  • Gadgeteer
  • Deliverobit
  • Medicaller
  • HV-808
  • HV-UN-1T
  • HV-Clothier
  • Ice Hauler
  • Floristobit
  • Ch3f 3.0

What’s a Sapien? 🧬

A sapien is a species that Robits might describe as “weak, easily ruptured, and frustratingly dependent on oxygen.” Despite these attributes, they’ve been known for being able to travel and explore the farthest reaches of the CypherVerse with grit and ingenuity. There are 2,048 of them, which is almost half of that of the Robit population.

Sapien Archetypes:

  • Street Samurai
  • Mech Decker
  • Moon Gazer
  • Photon Ranger
  • Starcacher
  • Eliteress

The two most common species will soon be the most desirable.

Every Voxo is special, and some are rarer than others. Robits and Sapiens are the most common species in the CypherVerse, but since they’re the only ones with KeyVoxo potential, their values might shoot up. Moreover, all KeyVoxos from the Omega Key Game will be cast into gold and obtain legend-status as the recipient of the Omega’s favor.

It’s worth noting that the CypherVerse is made up of 6144 Sapiens and Robits out of a total 6312 Voxos, so the odds that you’d inadvertently play the Omega Key Game is very high.

Some tips and tricks for the Omega Key Game

The early bird gets the Keys 🐦
Collecting Robits and Sapiens early might put you ahead of the game. If you’re serious about winning 250 ETH in the Omega Key Game, you might want to consider getting as many Robits and Sapiens as possible before trading reaches peak mayhem. That’s when the price of Robits and Sapiens will soar.

Don’t miss the window of opportunity. The potential is just as enormous as the prize. Get your Robits and Sapiens early.

Keys are sorted by Key #s 🔑

While all Voxos are unique, Keys are not. Keys will be sorted by Key #s, a system that classifies Keys by their #s. So Keys that share Key #s are essentially the same Keys.

When the Omega Key Game is in full swing, you’ll notice that some KeyVoxos might share Key #s. When a KeyVoxo with a certain Key # is used to claim a reward, that Key # will be removed from the Game, meaning anyone holding a Key with that Key # can no longer use it towards claiming their prize.

KeyVoxos come with ratings 📈

KeyVoxo ratings will help you distinguish a valuable Key-wielding Robit or Sapien from a near-dud.

The higher the KeyVoxo rating, the less likely the Key # will be removed from the game.

The highest rating a KeyVoxo can have is 100, meaning the Key it contains is waiting to be registered by a lucky owner. On the flip side, the lowest rating is 1, indicating it extremely likely another player will soon use that Key to claim a Reward, making it useless to other players.

Key Ownership dashboard

Players will be able to see KeyVoxos ratings on the Key Ownership dashboard, where each KeyVoxo is listed with its rating and its history of ownership. Use this to figure out whether the Robit or Sapien you have your eye on is actually worth pursuing.

But if you end up with a KeyVoxo whose rating is quickly diminishing, you might be poised to ramp up your collecting and get the remaining Keys before your Key # is used by another contender.

Friendly reminder: DO NOT trust anyone you’re unsure about, and DO NOT give anyone your wallet’s private key or crypto.

The Omega Key Game is set to launch on February 22nd and where 8 KeyVoxos will be revealed. Remember, the Omega favors the bold. So good luck. Be strategic and have fun.

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