Omega Key Game comes to a close

17 days, 24 Keys, 250 ETH.

5 min readMar 22, 2022

The Omega Key Game, VoxoDeus’ strategic Voxo-trading game where players collaborated and outwitted each other in a race to claim 250 ETH has drawn to a close.

After 17 days and 24 Keys, the trading game, with arguably the largest reward pool in NFT history, officially ended on March 8.

A lively competition of strategy and teamwork 💯

The game saw a great many community members band together in a collective effort to win the rewards, showing the community would rather play with, than against each other. This strategy clearly worked, as one team ended up claiming three out of four rewards.

We hope you had as much fun playing the game as we did hosting it.

Now let’s do a quick recap.

Leaderboard: VOXOCLUB_KEYHUNT_TEAM reigns supreme 🙌

Congratulations to VOXOCLUB_KEYHUNT_TEAM for being the first ones to collect the Keys required to claim the Diamond (135 ETH), Silver (33 ETH) and Bronze (16 ETH) rewards. VOXOCLUB_KEYHUNT_TEAM was a collective effort of over 103 Team Members who setup a dedicated discord server to discuss strategy and shared intel on their opponents. With so many minds at work and a collective 1647 Voxos in play (approximately 27% of the total Voxo collection), they quickly snagged most of the rewards.

Despite their “legion of fish” strategy, they did not sweep every reward. The Gold (66 ETH) was handsomely secured by 0XCC…FBEF. They managed this mere hours after the Diamond reward was claimed, showing how hot on VoxoClub’s tail they were. 0XCC…FBEF secured the prize by borrowing from VoxoClub’s playbook. But instead of building a team before the Game, they only brought existing key holders into the fold during the Game. This meant that there were fewer wallets to split the reward between.

We made it very clear from the get-go that only ONE wallet could be used to claim a reward and that everyone should be cautious when partnering with others.

Despite being strangers to each other, 0XCC…FBEF found trust in each member as everyone on that team was required to send their Voxos to a central wallet and distribute the payout.

We’re happy to see the Voxo community upholding the honor system, a rare sight in the digital world.

A total of 24 Keys were released. Three landed on “sleeper wallets” so they never moved (a purity rating of 100), but the rest were actively traded, though with such overwhelmingly invested in the game, 15 of those keys ended up with the VoxoClub team, whereas the remaining 6 were used to claim Gold.The highest value trade was 6.6 ETH, followed by 4 ETH.

Integrity reigns supreme 🔥

Another highlight we witnessed amid the Omega Key Game was the integrity of players. CrawfishKiller stated on behalf of the Voxoclub team that they would buy the dead KeyVoxo off Lisa Lang, who unfortunately was sold one. Lang put out a 24-hour offer on the KeyVoxo before it was devalued but was unable to cancel the offer in time as she was asleep in another time zone when the KeyVoxo became obsolete.

The Voxoclub team plans to use that KeyVoxo in their 1x1 plot of land in the Sandbox “as a shrine for a reminder of [their] key hunt victory and the integrity [they] played with together and as a team.”

In a later post, CrawfishKiller also announced Voxoclub team’s donation of 5 ETH that they got from the Bronze reward. To give back to the greater VoxoDeus community, they purchased 23 Voxos, which incidentally brought up the floor price of the collection from 0.179 to 0.24 ETH. Voxoclub team plans on using the 23 Voxos for future giveaways.

Aid to Ukraine: doing our part in a time of need 🇺🇦

“[The invasion of Ukraine] has really galvanized the crypto and NFT space into action,”

said our COO Sherin Z. to the Observer in a recent interview.

As much as we enjoyed spectating and hosting the Omega Key Game, we thought it was only right to donate to Ukraine in a time of need. We donated 5 ETH to Ukrainian humanitarian causes to match the 5 ETH that Voxoclub team donated. “The Voxoclub is working with KamiSawZe to donate 5 ETH of our winnings to partner with the Sandbox [towards] the humanitarian efforts on the frontlines in Ukraine,” said CrawfishKiller on discord.

Together, we pooled 10 ETH of donations. According to the Observer, “Ukraine is one of the first governments in wartime to accept cryptocurrency donations.”

Legendary, Gilded Voxos 🏆

Each of the 24 Robits and Sapiens that held a Key during the game have been gilded to mark their legend. Cast in gold, each of these Voxos is a rare artifact from the Omega Key Game, and should further boost the desirability of these Voxos.

You can take a look at each KeyVoxo from the Omega Key Game right here.

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