VoxoDeus and $WHALE community make waves with new partnership

3 min readApr 26, 2022

Dolphins, Whales and Sharks reach peak voxelation with 1-of-1 CypherTakes.

We’re thrilled to have unveiled VoxoDeus’ collaboration with the $WHALE community to unlock an exclusive collection of CypherTakes: Dolphins, Sharks and Whales in their voxelated, three-dimensional glory.

After members of both VoxoDeus and $WHALE came forward to highlight the synergies of our two communities, it wasn’t long before this partnership was born! We’ve created a collection of CypherTakes paying homage to the Hold-to-Play (H2P) roles in $WHALE while using our signature VoxoDeus Sci-Fi mythic style.

What Are CypherTakes? 👾

CypherTakes are an ongoing series of honorary voxel artworks inspired by specific partner NFTs or community concept art. Each ‘take’ is carefully crafted and brought to life in our VoxoDeus-exclusive 3D viewer.

These Cyphertakes will be usable in your own Sandbox Game lands (and will provide some unique utilities within VoxoDeus’ 12x12 build as well…)

Catching $WHALE CypherTakes 🎣

Voxo owners who also have a Whale, Shark or Dolphin H2P role in the $WHALE community have been airdropped a CypherTake based on which H2P role they have.

That means for those Whales who own a Voxo, they will receive all 3!

The snapshot was taken on Friday, April 22nd at 3pm UTC and you would have had your Voxo and H2P role then. For those who haven’t yet acquired an H2P role, simply click here to $WHALE’s breakdown of Whale roles.

Show us some tricks 🐋

Those who received a CypherTake will be able to showcase their one-of-a-kind creation in the Sandbox later this year.

Here’s a sneak peak of our Whale in our 3D viewer

But wait, there’s more 🙌

Everyone who holds a Voxo and has the role of Whale, Shark or Dolphin have been entered into a raffle to win a CypherTake of any NFT of their choice. There are 2 CypherTakes reserved for each role, totaling 6 CypherTakes to be claimed by raffle winners. The more Voxos you hold, the more entries you will receive so make sure you head to VoxoDeus’ Opensea to grab your Voxos now!

Make no mistake, each CypherTake will be airdropped directly into the holder’s wallet.

Why partner with VoxoDeus? 🔥

VoxoDeus is constantly looking to collaborate with trailblazing entities. Since we approach each collaboration as an opportunity to innovate and push the boundaries of creativity, we end up with unique experiences that no one can do on their own.

We’ve had a blast joining forces with other projects such as Mirror World NFT, Metakey, & ZENFT and we’re now more thrilled to add $WHALE to that exciting roster. We look forward to contributing to the evolution of NFTs and fostering the wider digital community as we bring more collaborations to life.

The $Whale community 🌍

Founded by renown collector WhaleShark — $WHALE is one of the world’s largest and most robust social communities built around NFTs. Establishing itself early in the NFT movement, $WHALE has cultivated a diverse community of artists, creatives, collectors, builders and enthusiasts.

The $WHALE token was launched as a social currency to harness the power of web3 and reward community engagement with this emerging tech and cultural revolution.

Underpinned by one of the world’s most prestigious and valuable collections of NFTs (the $WHALE Vault), the $WHALE token enables community members to claim “roles” to unlock additional benefits and rewards with unique access, monthly token airdrops, exclusive opportunities, proprietary analytics, vault asset usage, DAO governance, and much more.

To learn more about $WHALE, we highly recommend watching their welcome video right here.

In case you missed it, check out VoxoDeus’ previous collaboration MirrorWorld’s Soul Chip NFT.




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